Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One Down, One Hundred To Go

This morning, I am attempting to eliminate distractions.

You've seen one of them. I guess that one, the cats, should be easy. Just got to lock them out of whatever room I am in.

Next, I am removing all my video games from sight for the remainder of the week. Maybe I will stash them all in the attic. I don't want them laying around tempting me. This way, I can take the week to begin establishing some productive habits. Once the habits start to take place, I will slowly begin introducing Crysis 2 and Killzone 3 back into my life in a way that does not interupt my new habits. Maybe I should make it two weeks. I don't know. What do "they" say, it takes 4 weeks for a habit to truly become a habit? I certainly can't go 4 weeks....we'll try one week. If unsuccessful, we will try two weeks. If that's not successful, then maybe it ain't gonna happen.

OK, OK! I'll go four weeks if the first two shots don't work out. You have no idea how much that thought hurts me...

Then there is the Droid. This one is actually more of a problem than video games. My cell phone is capable of a sneak attack. I grab it to send a text message, next thing you know, two hours have passed and I have completely re-setup my homescreen widgets, flashed a new ROM, and/or got a few rounds of Dungeon Defenders in. It's fair to say that I can spend 4 hours on my phone and accomplish absolutely nothing, even when avoiding games or silly apps I've loaded, and despite all the "productivity" apps I've downloaded. I STILL BELIEVE that my smartphone can be a great tool for productivity and helpful in my job hunt. But, I must learn to be in control of my phone. And to do that, I must stop allowing it to control me.

I am open to suggestions. But, I think I will start by turning my phone off for several hours during the day. I'll have it off from 9am-12pm and then 2pm-5pm. My home phone will be available for emergencies and I will also have access to email, which is another story and possible hurdle I must overcome. But, I'll dive into that later.


  1. Get rid of facebook. I rarely use FB unless it's to relay posts from my blog to twitter and then to FB. It's one less thing to have to worry about. There are sites that will auto post your blog to twitter. Then just link twitter with FB and boom. You go from three websites to just the blog. It eliminates the possibility of browsing through friends.

  2. I'll set that up today. Thanks, Chris! Facebook is a beast that must be tamed.