Monday, May 30, 2011

Cool Tool: Prioritize My Goals

A few months ago I came across this online tool for prioritizing goals simply called: Prioritize My Goals. It has been one of the few organizing/planning tools that I've actually received some benefit from. Let me tell you why it is worth checking out....

First off, one of the major guideline you will see in many goal setting discussions is to WRITE YOUR GOAL DOWN. It makes it tangible and less of an idea, which makes it easier to keep in your sights. Prioritize My Goals immediately makes you establish a "project" and create at least 3 goals for this project. Afterwards, you establish at least three "mini-goals" or steps in accomplishing each goal. For example, my "project" is overall self-improvement and named "Adam 3.0". In other words, I'm upgrading myself. Currently, I feel as if I am running on Windows Vista- it was a good idea and had some good features, but the overall system was just too much of a pain to use. That's me in a nutshell. Adam 3.0 will be more like Windows 7 or MacOSX- clean, intuitive, effective, and easy to use. Anyways, back on topic, one of my goals in the project is to "begin new career". One of the mini-goals of beginning a new career is to gain the necessary education needed to achieve a position in the industry in which I'm currently searching.

Now that you have established a complete set of goals and steps or mini-goals to complete your project, we get to my favorite part: PRIORITIZE. What is great about this is the way in which the website accomplishes this. Instead of you just assigning a level of priority, it attempts to determine which goals are really most important to you by asking a series of "versus" questions. Maybe one of your goals is to get a job, while another is to eat healthier. Both of these goals have important steps to complete in order to achieve the goal. This tool will take random steps and pair them together to ask "Which is more important?" It makes you think at your goals from a different perspective. You may be inclined to say getting a job would be a more important priority. But you are asked what is most important, "eating vegetables twice a day" or "take certification exam for job" you are forced to stop and think "Is a job right now more important than my long term health?" The system goes through each mini-goal you have established and pairs them up in all possible combinations. In the end, you have effectively chosen what truly is most important to you and Prioritize My Goals presents the three steps you should be working on NOW. The remaining steps will be focused on once you have completed this set. Which leads to the next great feature that sets the product apart...

You get your very own goal buddy! This isn't a real person, though. But, it can be as annoying as a real person! Ever couple days, your "goal buddy" will start bugging you to update your progress on My goal buddy emails me around twice a week to update my goals. He will hound me a little more aggressively if I don't get on there and do it too. It's nice to have someone keep you on your toes. It is very easy to lose focus on what you really want to achieve by getting lost in all the day to day drama of life. It is very helpful for me to have this reminder. Once I log on to update my progress, it becomes clear where I have been slacking. Generally, I start kicking myself in the butt for dragging my feet and get back on track.

Finally, the best feature of this product: it is FREE.

So check it out. It's well worth investigating and may just be that bit of assistance you've needed to get you where you want to be. Follow the link below!

Welcome to Prioritize My Goals- Start Now!

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