Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Profound Realization

It just occurred to me that this whole being organized thing is very difficult and complex. I feel the need to organize my efforts to improve my organizing skills. I can spend all day just planning how I'm going to get organized! I'm organizing organizing!

This further leads me to several thoughts and possible lessons:

1. I'm not particularly bright

2. Some people brains are just in tune with more organized lifestyles. The rest of us have to work really hard at it and practice. ( I'm learning the trombone or trying out for a minor league baseball team. It doesn't seem right but I think I may be on to something)

3. Sometimes you just got to do it, whatever "it" is. Don't get too caught up in order. There can be order in chaos.

4. Everything seems to go back to positive habits. That way it isn't a task that needs to be completed. Its just something that is done and always ready for the next step.

Whatever the case,  my mind is a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Not to say I have a "dirty" mind. Don't be so childish. (Note: for serious, I accidentally put a "g" instead of a "t" at the end of that last "don't ". I LOL'd.)
Get your mind out of the gutter! I mean my mind feels like my bedroom floor, completely covered in a jumbled mix of clothes that have yet to be folded or washed and every day wondering "did I wear this already? Better yet, will anyone realize I haven't washed this? "

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