Monday, April 4, 2011

This Week's Plans

Hello from me and my buddy, Pepper!

Welcome to the first full week of April 2011. Hope you got your taxes done already!

To start the week off, there are a couple goals I'd like to get out in the open:

  • At least one blog post per day
  • Establish two new habits
  • Adequately reflect on last week
  • Clean the house (this is a must)
  • Ensure accountability
The last one is very important. Generally, I'm focused on things I alone want to do, therefore I'm only accountable to myself. I don't like this. First off, I don't care to do things only for myself. Even my hobbies affect other people. There is a paradigm shift that must occur here. Second, it's very easy to make excuses for myself and NOT keep myself accountable. This is not necessarily a "truth" or fact engraved in stone. I must stand up for and against myself. But, a support system would be extremely helpful in breaking the routine. My goal is to establish that system. 

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