Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 1

Day 1 was a little more unorganized than I had hoped. Let's actually consider yesterday (3/16/11) the first Day of all of this. I think this is unavoidable at the beginning of this project, as I begin to focus on specifying priorities and tangible goals that I can obtain. Once I do that, I can become a bit more focused.

I was all over the place though. To make matters worse, I have a very dear pet cat that I've had for 18 years who is not doing very well. It's not an excuse. There should be no excuses as I can be more disciplined in our I manage my time so that I may focus on my career goals while handling life's many hurdles like having to nurse your cat back to health. Aside form that, I put in a good deal of time "researching" on the Internet. YES. I admit, there was the occasional distraction there too. All in all, I feel as if I found some good resources and pointers for setting goals as well managing my time more efficiently. I would recommend the following websites as helpful resources for those in need of guidance:

  • Dumb Little Man- Article: 21 Excellent Tips for An Amazing New Year
    • It's a few months into 2011, but these are relavant tips for any time of the year. You are sure to see me mention at least a few of these in my journey as I am already implementing some.
  • 48 Days 
    • Official website of Dan Miller, the author of "48 Days To The Work You Love", the book that is my inspiration for this blog and primary source of guidance. I have yet to dig into this site very far, but at a glance, it appears to have a wealth of resources.
  • Lifehacker
    • Excellent website that is tailored to geeks like myself. Pretty much a great source of news and articles directed at the use of the newest technology in helping us get more done with our lives. This is great for me because I need to put my Droid and iPad to better use than being a delightful way to waste away every minute of every day of my life (e.g. I picked up my Droid phone twice while....three times...while writing this paragraph alone.)

I also started to use a website called "My Life List". I will not link it, as I was not very happy with it. Seemed like an excellent site. A "social" website that helped you create goals, obtain them, and share your story with others as well as read the motivating stories of the other users that meet their goals. I signed up, logged in, and started filling out my profile and listing goals. Went back today to continue doing so, wouldn't let me log in. Oops. Must have messed up my password. Then it said my email address was not in the system when I tried to reset my password. So, I even bothered to create another profile. Clicked submit...."Error: User with same email address already in system." Goodie! I'm done with your website. KTHXBAI!

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