Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Still here!

The fun is not over yet.

I apologize (to anyone who cares) for my absence. I've failed to post anything over the last few weeks. The most recent week I was justifiable. Last week I was on "vacation" in Florida with my wife. I use the term vacation loosely because I am unemployed. Just doesn't feel right. Especially when it was my wife, Tabitha, who was truly on vacation from the work she devotes so much time and effort towards.
Lazy much? 
The rest of the time, not including vacation, was an absolute failure on my part. I failed to keep up with some of the habits I set for myself. I also failed to heed a few lessons I had learned along the way. This will be discussed further in another post.

The time in Florida provided a great chance to "reboot". It was a chance to get away from all of my daily habits, most of which were unproductive. I left my computer at home, purposefully ignored my cell phone, and primarily used my iPad for reading. I even read a real book! You know...the ones made with paper. Crazy! The point is, the time away from home and all of its distractions provided the chance to start again. Not from the beginning, though. Much of the slate has been wiped clean, but there is much left that I can work with.

So here we go....

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